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Office Address

PO Box 129

1111 Big Spring Blvd

Perryville, Mo 63775 

Main Line: (573) 547-8036


Club House Manager

Ross Bugger (573) 547-8036


PCC Board of Directors;  President
Ron Heuring


PCC Board of Directors;  Vice-President

Mel Kirn


PCC Board of Directors;  Treasurer

Brian Behrle


PCC Board of Directors;  Secretary

Bob Wichern
Tom Prost


PCC Board of Directors Members
Pat Sutterer
Jerry Ruessler
Scot Blythe


Grounds and Maintenance Superintendent

Eric Lane

(573) 547-8036  


Ed Guth- Assistant
Jerry Ruessler- Assistant
Levi Lane- Assistant

Club Staff
Cheryl Stueve
Sarah Hansen
Shea Leible
Kristie Young
Tammy Hunt
Matt Prost- Head Cook

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We promise to keep your e-mail address private.  We will not make it available to anyone!


In order to better serve our golfing customers we want your feedback.  We want to know what we are doing well and were we need improvement.  Every comment either positive or negative is important to us!