Course History


Perryville Country Club was established in 1927.  The property was leased until the fall of 1932 when it was purchased by a group of twenty two (22) golfers and became "South Hills Golf Course".  The Club's name officially changed to Perryville Country Club on February 18, 1953.  On that date the club received it's official "Charter of Incorporation" from the State of Missouri.  Perryville Country Club is currently the only golf course in Perry County, Missouri.



Perryville Country Club is managed by a nine (9) member Board of Directors.  The directors optated the club under a set of by-laws created and revised by the stockholders.  Three hundred shares of stock are owned and voted by playing and non-playing individuals.  Adult stockholders are recognized as voting members and are urged to attend an annual meeting held on the fourth Wednesday in January.  the purpose of the annual meeting is to review club business from the previous year, elect (3) new board members, discuss and vote on issues for the current new year and to amend the by-laws of the club as appropriate.  A stockholder may attend the annual meeting and cast three (3) vote per share owned or may allow another adult individual to cast their votes by signing a proxy form giving the second individual voting power for their share.


The Board of Directors has five (5) officers, President, Vice-President, Two (2) Secretaries and Treasurer.  The President presides over all meetings and appoints committees for the many detailed business activities.  The board meets the second Wednesday of each month at the clubhouse.  Board meetings are generally closed but members may attend to discuss items of business or bring issues before the board.